Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook continues to be one of the world most prominent social media platform. According to Statista, there are 2.32 billion active users on Facebook as of 2019. While there was a time when the platform was merely considered to be a social platform, now it has become an excellent place for marketers to access their audience.

You can’t expect a conventional marketing strategy to work on Facebook. This is because the landscape and structure of the platform are very different. There has been nothing like it in the past. Therefore, you must create a Facebook marketing strategy that leverages its various features flawlessly.

Here are some of the best marketing strategies to employ on your Facebook page.

Use the existing traffic

You don’t just work through your social media platforms. You also need to have a website first. This helps in giving credibility of your business. A great marketing strategy to boost your Facebook presence is by leveraging your existing traffic. To do so, all you need to do is add your social media icon on your website and have it redirected to your social media page. Make sure to place your icon on visible places on your website. This helps in boosting click-through-rates tremendously.

Let them all know you are on Facebook

You won’t be able to drive engagement through Facebook if the masses are unaware that you are present on the platform. A great way to let your customers know about your social media presence is by sending an email to your current users. This will help your brand in getting the awareness it needs to drive engagement and loyalty.

Post strategically

One of the best things about Facebook is that it delivers quite an array of analytics and insights. Use this to alter your marketing strategy. Remember, merely posting frequently on your Facebook page is not enough. Instead, you must post on days when your audience is online. See how your previous posts have fared in terms of reach and engagement. Alter the schedule of your posts accordingly to gain maximum impact.

Schedule posts rather than write them at the last time

Sometimes it is easy to miss the best times to post on a social media platform. Whether it be because of your busy life or forgetfulness, the fact remains that writing or uploading your statuses and post at the last moment can lead you to miss your audience. A better way to approach the issue is by scheduling posts beforehand.

Use Facebook Ads

Don’t just rely on the organic reach of your page. Considering the amount of clutter present on the platform, it is easy for your business to go unnoticed. Your marketing strategy needs to break the clutter and to do, so it needs to make use of Facebook ads. These ads are quite cheap and help in putting your business out there for your specific target audience to see.


Use these Facebook marketing strategies to create an impact on your audience. Whether it be boosting conversion or initiating loyalty, Facebook can help you do it all.

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