Instagram marketing strategy

1 billion users. There are one billion people currently actively using Instagram. Apart from Facebook, Instagram is considered to be the most powerful social media tool. This photo sharing platform is now being used by marketers to market their business and brands.

Considering the sheer number of businesses that have a presence on Instagram, it is safe to say that merely having an account on Instagram is not enough anymore. Instead, you need a well-planned and thought out marketing strategy if you wish to drive sales through your Instagram profile.

Here are factors to include in your strategy.

Ways to boost your following

It doesn’t matter how great your content is; it won’t drive sales unless people are looking at your posts. Therefore, the first thing you should do is build your follower base. A great way to do so is by asking your current customers to follow your social media account. Do so by sending an email to them all and including a link to your Instagram account on your website. Another great way to add to your follower count is by following others yourself. When you follow people, they are tempted to follow you back. However, don’t follow random accounts. Instead, find those that come in your target customer segment. This might require thorough and extensive research. However, if you succeed in identifying people that are profitable for you, you can increase your customer base considerably.

Build a great first impression

If you are new to the world of Instagram, you can’t just begin posting without having a sound plan. Instead, the first post you make on your page matters a lot. Why? Well, because first impressions matter! The first thing that users see when they look at your profile will govern what they feel about you.  Make sure to have an impactful first post. If you are past this stage and wish to build a favorable impression on new page visitors, you can do so by adding a relevant and catchy biography along with a high-quality profile picture.

Avoid being salesy

Just because you are a commercial business who needs sales to run your business doesn’t mean that all of your posts should reflect this. While it doesn’t hurt to promote your business blatantly now and then, you must ensure that you don’t come off as too salesy.

Why? This is because ads and promotions annoy users. They might be tempted to unfollow you if you spam them with promotional content all the time. This is why you must create a marketing strategy whereby you focus on engagement while subtly promoting your product.

Partner with influencers

Using Instagram as a marketing tool doesn’t just mean working on your own page. Instead, you can also leverage the follower count of influencers. Partnering with bloggers and internet celebrities helps you in establishing the credibility of your brand. Since it is an indirect form of marketing, it is less likely to be blocked by your target audience.


Use these marketing strategy tactics and watch as your conversion rates and sales hit the roof.

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